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ZO® Stem Cell Extract Treatment – Anti-Aging Facial Treatment – Newport Beach, CA

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Repair the Damage

Do you have a problem with your skin looking too young or too healthy? Neither do we. At the ZO Skin Centre® in Newport Beach, CA, we offer eloquent facials for your impressionable skin, such as the ZO® Stem Cell Extract Treatment. This is for women and men who want to handle their signs of aging and prevent or manage skin problems. The ZO® Stem Cell Extract Treatment involves relaxing, health-giving massage techniques with the benefits of plant stem cells. From protecting your skin from collagen breakdowns to rehydrating aging skin, the ZO® Stem Cell Extract Treatment has many benefits to contribute to correct or prevent the signs of aging. Arrange your facial skin consultation at our Newport Beach, CA location to review the advantages of the ZO® Stem Cell Extract Treatment and how it can be tailored to meet your needs.

ZO Ultimate Regeneration Overview

Fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, poor tone and texture, and loss of volume are all signs of your skin getting older. If you would like to find out how to slow down the process of aging on your skin, we do offer evaluations for treatments and products at our Newport Beach, CA office. There are many soothing properties in our ZO® Stem Cell Extract Treatment along with our renowned facial massage techniques can reduce inflammation, discoloration, tone, texture, and those lovely age lines you may see on your skin. 

ZO 2 Treatment Overview

During your one-hour ZO® Stem Cell Extract Treatment, you will recline comfortably as a ZO® skin care professional will clean and prime your skin for the facial. Once your skin is washed, your facial will begin. Using a soothing massage technique, the ZO® Stem Cell Extract Treatment can be applied. The nutrients within this luxuriate formula will penetrate your skin on a deep level to repair and revive your aging complexion. 

Once the ZO® Stem Cell Extract Treatment has concluded, your skin may look a little pink or a shade of red, but this should not limit your ability to perform normal, routine tasks right after the appointment. We always advise our patients to use sunscreen after any skin care treatment and to avoid immediately endangering the skin to sunlight. Speak to your ZO® skin care professional about other services and at-home products you could be using on your skin on a day-to-day, month-to-month basis.

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Best Candidates for ZO 2 Treatment

Let's empower your skin with a ZO® Stem Cell Extract Treatment at ZO Skin Centre® in Newport Beach, CA. This innovative facial can protect and heal your complexion as much as it can from the aging process. Your treatment will be customized to meet your needs only. If you would like to have this treatment for visible damage or as a preventive measure, call and schedule a time to meet with a ZO skin care professional. Even if this is not the treatment for your skin, we have many options to replenish your complex skin.

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