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At the ZO Skin Centre® in Newport Beach, CA, you can put the health of your skin in our hands — for your hands. We have a fantastic skin care treatment for your hands that will improve the appearance and texture of your aging hands called the Oraser® Nourishing Hand Treatment. You do everything with your hands, and they have earned the right to look young and vibrant, too. Keep in mind that your hand skin may give away more about your age than your facial skin at some point in your life. 

You may invest a great deal in your facial skin, but have you thought about your hands? Not only are your hands busy all of the time, but they are also exposed to the sun (UV rays), chemicals, environmental stressors, bacteria, dirt, and more throughout the day. Constant hand washing is essential for good health, but it can dehydrate your skin. Let us celebrate your dry, aging hand skin with our eloquent Oraser® Nourishing Hand Treatment (formulated to repair and revitalize your skin) at the ZO Skin Centre®.

Best Candidates

Truly, unless you are allergic to the ingredients of our ZO® Oraser® Nourishing Hand Treatment, you would be a candidate for this service, which includes massage. Candidates for the ZO® Oraser® Nourishing Hand Treatment will want to refine the skin on both sides of their hands for smoother, softer to touch skin. If you work with your hands, constantly washing your hands, or have a genetic predisposition to dry skin on your hands, find out if you would be appropriate for this treatment.

What to expect

Make your 30-minute appointment and you can expect your hand skin to be catered to with our ZO® Oraser® Nourishing Hand Treatment. In a peaceful, serene environment, your treatment will start with a ZO® Oraser® Correcting Hand and Body Scrub to remove dead skin that has built up on the surface. Developed with sugar crystals, the scrub will diligently, yet softly exfoliate your skin. It is also formulated with shea butter, mango seed oil, and safflower oil to nurture and moisturize your tender skin. After the exfoliation, your ZO® skin care professional will perform a hand massage to increase blood flow and circulation before implementing a paraffin masque. Pampering your skin with a paraffin masque will make the hands feel like silk and more even. The last step in the Oraser® Nourishing Hand Treatment is the application of the renowned Oraser® Nourishing Hand Cream.

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All Hands Reach Out TO ZO®

When you need to support the skin on your hands, please reach out to the ZO Skin Centre®  in Newport Beach, CA. We can soothe your dehydrated, lined hand skin with our polished ZO® Oraser® Nourishing Hand Treatment. Express yourself with confidence, have a smooth hand to shake, and more when you have a hand treatment with ZO®. You can schedule this hand treatment alone or with one of our other ZO® skin care treatments at the same time. Call today.

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