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Having a dermaplaning treatment on your skin is very much worth the extra investment. Your skin will relish in the added benefits of this manual exfoliation technique with a medical-grade blade as it removes debris from your skin. At our Newport Beach, CA location of the ZO Skin Centre®, our skin care professionals can perform dermaplaning alone or in tandem with more in-depth treatments to make your skin look amazing.

Let dermaplaning be the opening act of your facial treatment so that the outer layers will be cleared of the damaged cells and dead skin. Did you know that dermaplaning will also delicately shave off your light vellus ("peach fuzz") hair on your face? This will make your skin feel ultra silky smooth. Think of how much more open your skin will be for nourishing treatments and serums once you have the excess debris removed. This is a nonsurgical technique we regularly use at ZO Skin Centre® in Newport Beach, CA. We invite you to try a dermaplaning session with your ZO® Facial Treatment today.

Best Candidates

As long as your skin can tolerate a gentle exfoliation with a medical-grade blade against the skin, you qualify for the treatment. This is the type of technique we can use on patients of all ages and skin types. If you are pregnant or nursing, we can perform a dermplaning treatment on you as well. Your skin may be showing the damaging signs of the sun or aging, feeling a little rougher than usual, or lacking a natural shine that radiates from healthy skin. 

If you have active acne, open sores on your face, or have recently had a laser or any type of chemical treatment to your skin, you should report that information in your consultation. There may be some indicators, like an inflamed acne breakout, that would not do well with a dermaplaning treatment.

What to expect

One of our medical aestheticians will take you to a private treatment room where the dermaplaning treatment will take place. Skillfully, our ZO® skin care professional will glide the dermablade over your skin to delicately "shave" or exfoliate the surface. Depending on the amount of skin and number of services you are having, the appointment can last 30 – 90 minutes. In most cases, dermaplaning is paired with a customized ZO® Facial Treatment or ZO® Peel. Once your aesthetic services are complete, you will immediately notice how soft your skin can feel when all of the vellus hair, dead cells, and debris are no longer in the way. You may also notice that this technique subtly changes the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, acne scars, and more.

Outside of our office, you will have some redness and irritation to your skin for a week. This will resolve in 4 – 7 days. We can also discuss your next appointment and what at-home products you can apply daily for continuous skin care your skin will love.

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30 – 90 Minutes
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Delight in Dermaplaning

Delight your facial skin without applying lasers or acid chemicals for the initial treatment of your surface layer skin. Dermaplane treatments at ZO Skin Centre® in Newport Beach, CA can dramatically improve your skin's health, texture, and glow with this type of treatment. Let's discover how a dermaplane treatment can benefit your beautiful skin. Call today.

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