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ZO Skin Centre® takes skin brightening to a whole new level with the exclusive ZO® Skin Brightening Treatment and Masque. Skin that is dull or discolored does not look healthy or attractive and can show up as sun spots, dark spots, brown spots, and splotchy skin that creates an uneven skin tone and a rough skin texture. Come to our Newport Beach location to have a ZO® Skin Brightening Treatment with green tea extract and an amino acid complex to supply more lipids. You will experience a skin that is more brilliant, clearer, and with a softer, balanced complexion. If you have any other skin dilemmas and desire to increase your overall skin health, you can include one of our facial treatment enhancers with your ZO® Skin Brightening Treatment, like microneedling, microdermabrasion, or dermaplaning.

Let your skin shine. We want you to love your ZO® glow every day. Schedule your ZO® Skin Brightening Treatment at the ZO Skin Centre® in Newport Beach to learn more about how to have skin that looks happy and bright.

Best Candidates

Uneven skin tone, damaged skin tone or texture, discoloration, and no shine are all hallmark traits of lackluster skin for patients who need to brighten up. With the ZO® Skin Brightening Treatment, you may be looking for an effective, yet gentle treatment for your skin to give you a glow that radiates health. At an appointment with a ZO Skin Centre® skin care professional in Newport Beach, CA, we will assist you in determining if the ZO® Skin Brightening Treatment can accommodate your skin type. Then, we will gladly customize the products to match to your skin type. Please inform your ZO® skin health professional about any allergies or previous reactions you have had to other treatments or products to get your best results. We may have a suggestion for an alternative product and/or service that will give you what you need for great skin.

What to Expect

We can pamper your skin with our ZO® Skin Brightening Treatment in less than 60 minutes. This is following your consultation to determine your best treatment plan. In an ambient treatment room, a ZO® skin care professional will clean your skin to eliminate dirt, oil, and makeup. Then, we will begin your ZO® Skin Brightening Treatment with a mild exfoliation to lift the dead cells from the surface of the skin. After the exfoliation, the ZO® Brightening Masque will be applied. Once the masque is wiped off your face, your ZO® technician will complete the treatment with a moisturizer specially selected for your skin type.

Your ZO® skin care professional may have you select enhancer services and products to increase the effectiveness of this brightener. We can also give you information on what ZO® at-home products you may use to continue improving your skin on a daily basis. Our best advice: always were sunscreen on your facial skin, especially after a treatment (to protect your now vulnerable and sensitive-to-light skin. Also, having regular ZO® Facial Treatments and other services once a month (or as recommended) will dramatically improve the appearance of your facial skin.

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Loving Your Lively SKin

Your glowing skin awaits at the ZO Skin Centre® in Newport Beach, CA. The ZO® Skin Brightening Treatment can improve and pamper skin so that you have a more beaming complexion and a more even skin tone. Schedule a consultation and treatment at the ZO Skin Centre® and meet with one of our skin care professionals to get started.

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